Hosting Overview



  • IBM Power System running “I” 
  • Secure data center
  • Secured connection between member and data center using MNiT network
  • Partition configured per member
  • Connection secured to the member only
  • Maintain disaster/recovery plan for IBM-i

Backup / Recovery

  • Full “system save” nightly to disk storage (i.e. virtual tapes)
  • Five (5) week virtual tape cycle
  • Current week’s backups replicated to off-site disk storage 
  • Monthly backups to tape, stored off-site, maintain 15 month rotation
  • Year-end backups to tape, stored off-site, and retained per member’s preference 
  • Alternate IBM-i available to recover at secondary location

Operational Support

Level 1 Support

  • Focus on the activities to manage the IBM-i hardware, operating system, and equipment/software associated with backups, such as: 
    • Monitoring of the IBM-i partition 
    • Manage backups
    • Apply hardware/operating system upgrades/patches 
    • Restore objects as needed

Level 2 Support

  • Level 1 tasks, plus control MIS activity directly related to MCIS Tax/CAMA and Payroll/HR software, such as: 
    • Manage releases for MCIS Tax/CAMA and/or Payroll/HR software
    • Apply releases/patches to utility software utilized by MCIS software
    • Run MIS tasks for MCIS developed software
    • Handle user profile provisioning on IBM-i, and setup on MCIS developed software 
    • Monitor message queues, logs, journals, print queues, disabled sessions/profiles, subsystems
    • Setup automated alerts

Level 3 Support

  • Level 2 tasks, plus remaining MIS tasks associated with the IBM-I, such as: 
    • Updating/patching of “non-MCIS applications and utilities
    • Manage security access/ controls, with the goal of establishing and maintaining IBM-I security at level 30 or above
    • Configuring devices
    • Monitor/troubleshoot performance, communications, resource utilization issues

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